Friday, 19 July 2013

~Half Day Trip-BATU CAVE~

As one of my friends was very interested with every place's cultural and history , so we decided to go to explore one of the famous tourist attraction in Malaysia-BATU CAVE. Batu Caves is one of the highlights of a visit here is climbing  the 272 steps leading up to the hindu temple. Actually , I am not interested with those natural places as I only love SHOPPING. But But But, as a Malaysian, if I only know how to shop without knowing what is the famous attraction in our country ,that's considered BULLSHIT + RIDICULOUS! 
In this trip, there were 5 people joined in it- Kendra( A lovely girl who comes from Myanmar) , Cher Ling, Soon Yuan, Aigerim, and Me . That Saturday ( 13/7) , 4 of the girls including me sat Nilai's KTM went to Kepong Station. When we reached at Kepong Station, Soon Yuan came to pick us up and went to his shop for lunch. After that, our journey BEGUN! From Kepong to Batu Cave , actually it's not that far. If anyone of you is interested to go Batu Cave, please fill up your stomach before you go or buy some snacks to bring over there. It will use up a lot of your energy as you need to climb 272 steps. There is no any entrance fee unless you want to go to visit their art gallery (RM15) and Black Cave(I forgot what is the PRICE). There are a lot of wild MONKEYS as can be seen everywhere in BATU CAVE especially when you are climbing the steps. For this whole trip, I only spent around RM20(Transportation fee+lunch+Indian's snack)-(Backpacker's style)

The view of BATU CAVE
At Nilai's KTM. Did you see KEPONG?!

Aigerim& I
I called her as JOKER-Cher Ling. She is just too FUNNY

4 of the GIRLS

Right bottom of the picture-that is called HENNA. (RM10 free design).It can last for 1 week

*- Please wear SPORT SHOES when you are going to Batu Caves
  - Remember apply for sunblock or bring umbrella as there is very HOT
  -Bring along your water bottle

For those who want to go there but you are wondering whether the transportation fee is expensive,don WORRY! You can sit LRT to Kl Sentral and transfer the line direct to Batu Cave by KTM. It will save your budget.

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